Welcome to swank’s blog!

What makes an outfit unique? For us, it’s all in the detail. We are in the process of developing a fashionable clothing accessories line with a proudly African twist.

We’ll use the blog to tell you who we are, what we love and to give the brand character.


The Mama Afrika Winterveld sewing team

Our introductory product is ideal for boys and girls; and at the heart of the initial look will be the classic bow tie and suspenders duo. The ‘look’ aims to grab attention and can be worn as a combination of the elements or each aspect individually. Swank will take an old gentlemen’s favourite and make it everyday wearable. We would like to think that we are creating a new status quo.

Love to share embodies the spirit of Ubuntu. We have teamed up with a group of ladies from the Winterveld township outside Pretoria, South Africa; to create pieces that are a little different to the usual. Watch us play around with patterns, prints and textures to make you stand out from the crowd.

Image source:www.clovermamaafrika.com


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