Express yourself in 2017

Reality as we know it is constantly changing. Techno-geeks and FOMO-holics will probably be ecstatic to learn that an Emoji movie is set for release this year. On that note, swank is excited to jump on that bandwagon.

In line with our brand awareness initiative, swank is thrilled to be part of a fashion show with Emojis at the heart of its theme. We are in the process of designing fashion accessories with an ‘African Emoji’ twist. The fashion show will take place in April 2017 and we cannot wait to showcase our interpretation of this epic app adventure *grinning face*

In a world where social media is considered by many as the go-to place for all sorts of news and trends, remember to keep it real folks *thumbs up emoji* If ever there was a time to “wear your heart on your sleeve,” now would be it.

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