The head, heart and hands approach 

Have you ever found yourself in a certain situation (or surrounded by certain people); and at that moment, not understood the significance of why you were there?

I’ve been attending a developmental programme since July this year. One of my favourite take-aways is the head, heart and hands (HHH) approach, used by our program director. The approach allows one to take account of what is going on.

Head: what is on your mind, what have you been thinking of?

Heart: how do you feel, where are your emotions?

Hands: what are you doing or working on?

We’ve been attending these block sessions every two weeks. At the beginning of each session, all individuals get to ‘check in’ using the HHH approach. It sets the tone for the day and opens up a conducive environment of caring – a safe place – a trusting ambiance.

Self-reflection and introspection is much needed in this rat race that we call life. So when you are caught in a situation beyond your control, try to align your head, heart and hands. Be self-aware. Be forgiving. Be kind to yourself.


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