Getting kids to eat healthy

Our dude is three years old, a fussy eater and into Jamie ‘Oviler’.

We are in the midst of holiday season. Kids are home and it’s cold outside. As a parent I am in the mode of constantly searching for lunch and snack ideas. In our household we tend to use a propaganda tactic – we watch an episode or two of Jamie – then prepare whatever Jamie has demonstrated, together.

The results are slowly showing. When the dude asks for ice cream, we give him an iced juice lolly (with carrot juice and a bit of ginger), for example. He is also going through a mince; and savoury breads phase, so these are jam packed with whatever (grated-to-hide) veggies are in the kitchen.

I was pleasantly surprised this weekend. While out shopping at our local fruit and veg, we noticed a tray of fruit and a sign that read: “FREE FRUIT, healthy snack on us, for our shoppers under 12”. Thank you Food Lovers Market.

So when you are at a crossroads and stuck between whether to get a takeaway or prepare a healthier alternative yourself, ask yourself: what would Jamie do (wwjd)?


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