She’s a dreamer. A doer. A thinker.

Have you ever thought that 24 hours in a day is not enough time to ‘do’ life?


Susan van Zyl – Nakara photo shoot

I’d like to introduce you to Susan, a medical rep, national sports women, socialite and all-round fashionista.

Susan and I met about 16 years ago in Windhoek, Namibia and have been friends ever since. She’s big on the Namibian social scene and can be seen in Nakara ads and on Namibia’s fashion runways.

We caught up over a glass of wine, to chat about a few winter must-haves.


Strutting her stuff in a Herero-inspired gown

What in your opinion, are the trends for this winter?

I think ankle booties, ripped jeans, comfy tops and jerseys are essential. Don’t forget the turtlenecks and layer ’em up!


Obsessed with Nike shoes

What is your favourite fashion item?

Mmmm, that’s not easy to answer. I guess it depends on the Namibian weather and what is suitable on the day. I don’t have a favourite item per say, but my favourite outfit would include a pair of Nike’s, a beanie (or any other headwear) and skinny jeans.


Susan and her nephew Wian

You have a nephew. How does your style ‘rub-off’ on him?

Hehehe – he looks cute in mini jeans, sneakers, a tight top and a cap. By the way, I need to get a swank hat to take back for him.

Susan is in Jozi for training. Find her on Facebook!

Photos courtesy of Susan van Zyl


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