Swanky mama: meet Refilwe


Refilwe Mothobi, creator of refkaycollection 

Refilwe and I go way back to our university days. She is a Media Studies graduate and mother of two stylish kiddies: Bohlokoa (7) and Mothobi (2).

Let’s take a look at the lady behind refkaycollection.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve always been into fashion and all things fashion related. At the moment, I acquire ladies clothing and promote my refkaycollection line on Instagram.


How would you describe your kids’ fashion sense?

For me, less is more. I also try to promote the kids to be just that – kids. So no overdoing of anything.


Mothobi (left) and Bohlokoa (right)

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

There is no particular person I follow, I’m kind of my own inspiration – if that makes any sense. I mix-and-match as I go along.


Rocking an African print blazer

To find out more about Refilwe, find her on Instagram #Refizer



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