Home is where mom is

Mother and I_post10

Ma and I, somewhere in Botswana, 1985

We all come from somewhere and I’d hope that we all have family, a sense of belonging.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s raise our glasses to all the mothers out there. To the mothers who raise others’ children – our teachers, domestic workers, matrons, grandmas, aunts and child-headed homes – I salute you.

A big shout out to the single mom’s – the moms who mask the role of both parents – I take my hat off to you. I believe it takes a different type of mental and emotional maturity to be that great.

And then there’s mom, or ma as my siblings and I call her. Ma has always supported our crazy choices. She has given me the space to find myself, take chances, make mistakes and learn along the way. She also named swank (“sealed with a nice kiss”).

Dear ma, thank you for everything.


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