Freedom Day 2016

The 27 April commemorates the day South Africa held its first democratic election (1994).

We celebrated the day with an extraordinary ‘mother’ from the Clover Mama Afrika project. The project identifies women making a difference in their communities and trains them with skills, to be self sufficient.


Mama Mary

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Women mean business


Empower a woman, empower communities

We live in exciting times.

The world is increasing efforts to treat men and women fairly. Together we contribute towards building economies, sustaining livelihoods and the upliftment of communities. Continue reading

French ingenuity

French fest_post6

Pics taken at the French Street Festival 

Where do the old-school and somewhat nerdy suspenders come from?

After visiting the French Street Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa this past weekend; it hit me. The humble suspenders – made famous on tv by Larry King – emerged in France during the 18th century.

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Happy feet

Men's fashion socks

Skinny Sbu Socks

Sock – a garment worn on the foot or a hard blow – “a sock to the head.”

Skinny Sbu Socks is hitting men’s fashion out of the park with its funky designs which are available in a range of colours.

The brand is unique and proudly South African. We support local businesses and absolutely love the story behind each pair of socks.

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Fashion icon #1

Mi casa

The Mi Casa crew

Walking through the boys’ clothing aisles, it is evident that little dudes lack local, trendy accessories to make that fashion statement.

As a mother of a swanky almost-three-year-old dude, I celebrate Africa’s unique style by adorning him in African-print bow ties, check suspenders and happy socks.

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Can you speak African?

African bow tie

The African soul captured in a bow tie

The vibrant colours and personalities of Africa are fascinating. I was born in Botswana, spent a lot of time with family in Zimbabwe, finished my schooling in Namibia; and now reside in South Africa.

My inspiration emanates from the vivacious Herero people, the beautiful geometric shapes of the Ndebele, the earthy tones of the Tswana and the electrifying energy of South African street culture.

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Effortless style

This is how we swankify an outfit. Denim is ideal for any occasion and can be dressed up-or-down. The photo below was take on oupa’s farm in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

fashion accessory

Boy’s demin outfit with polka-dot bow tie and suspenders